Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sketchy Business

This is a sketch done by Susan. I was impressed by the precision of this sketch. The lines all seem accurate and the shading is also very well-done. I love the way it seems to shoot out from the page. I think I will attempt some interesting layouts in my drawing as well.  
Unfortunately, this also isn't a drawing of mine. This is Shirley's beautiful observation of some leaves. She utilizes shading for a wonderful effect. I may start incorporating more dark shades into my sketches. Thank you Shirley for your inspiration!
This is one of mine. Drawing water proved to be difficult.
It turns out drawing perfume was just as challenging. Here's my attempt. 
This is a very close self portrait... I'm working on it...
Still working on it...

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Band Saw is my Friend

The next project we are working on is a luminare. Wood is involved and so we did this nice little 2x4 project. The first thing I learned about wood is that a "2x4" is a lie. Honestly, when starting this project, all I knew was that I had in my possession a block of wood that was two inches by four inches in width and height. False. Back in the day, 2x4's got down sized to 1 1/2 x3 1/2. Everything I knew was wrong. Thought I should let everyone know.
My first obstacle was convincing myself to enter the wood shop. Dust polluted air and sharp blades did not sound like a place I wanted to occupy. I did, however, manage to man up and use some power tools. I experimented with the band saw, table saw, and several other intimidating machines. 
I still have all body parts I started out with, which in my mind translates to success.
The final project is pictured in the images below. This project has made me more confident about using power tools and hasmade me a pro at removing splinters.