Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A Coconut Cupcake

Related to the Principles of Design: 

Proportion: The cupcake itself is an individual proportion. It is meant for one person to enjoy.
Balance: The icing balances the cupcake and makes it evenly divided
Unity: The cupcake is made up of multiple parts. Many ingredients come together to create the cake. Then there is the icing and the coconut topping. However, they all come together to create a unique blend of flavors, and only with this unity can it be a coconut cupcake.
Emphasis: The emphasis on this particular cupcake is the coconut. It's what makes this cupcake different from others.
Rhythm: The ribbing of the wrapper provides a nice rhythm for the cupcake, as well as the swirl on top. It's a rhythm I know and love and can associate with a cupcake when I see something similar.

Related to the Elements of Design:
Line: The only defined lines come from the ribbing on the wrapper, straight lines that contrast the rounded form on the cupcake.
Color: The colors in a coconut cupcake are light; yellow, cream and a toasty tan.
Value: There isn't much change in value in a coconut cupcake. There is a more analogous relationship between colors than a complementary one, so little contrast in color.
Form: The cupcake has a sweet and rounded form, dictated by the container it is cooked in.
Shape: The shape of a cupcake is rounded on the top and sides with a flat bottom to rest on.
Texture: The texture of a coconut cupcake is the best part. The base is moist and fluffy, the icing is soft and thick, and the coconut on top is irregular and stringy.