Wednesday, December 8, 2010

They're so Above Me...

Today I attended an upperclassmen final critique. Their project was to design a new library. They spent a good deal of time researching the history of the library and surveying the community that uses it. I was amazed by the detail of the project and how they meticulously perfected each aspect of the structure. The class worked in groups on each area of the library, including a child care area, the stacks, the multimedia center, the check out area, and the atrium. The library also featured an art work piece that was intended to unite all sections of the structure. Glass panels similar to the Eco-cloud are blue from one direction, green from another, and converge in the middle. I admired their efforts for sustainability especially. They planned to have a green roof, use rain (grey) water for toilets, and used bricks from the old structure in the floor of the new building. There were several more environmentally friendly strategies they planned that I can't remember. I thought that for their first time designing a real building it was very impressive. I can't believe that will be us in just a few years.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Design Visualization 101 in Retrospect

The first semester is over, and I've learned a lot. Never before this semester did I think about the weight and quality of my lines, but I've learned to improve my pencil skills. In complete honesty, this was a very difficult class for me, but I feel like I've improved a lot. I'm so ready for digital drafting :)
Here's one of my recent drawings. I'm sorry I couldn't figure out how to touch it up :(

Figuring it Out

We've been doing some quick figure sketches in class, here are a few!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Playing with Light

This is my most successful sketch model for our luminare assignment. The use of glass and wood continued to evolve towards my final project, but hemp aspect didn't make it.

This is the luminare I made. My inspiration came from a photograph of sunlight reflected off water. I wanted to capture certain aspects of the light effect like the blue tones enhanced by the sunlight, the inconsistency of the waves, and the bright sunshine that sparkled off the water. To do this I spent long hours on the internet to teach myself how to break the glass at curves, foil the glass, and solder it into a structure. The curved glass is an interpretation of the waves, the brighter light that comes through the cracks imitates the light reflected. The project is constructed from assorted tainted and textured glass, fitted into a grooved wooden base. I used a daylight bulb for a harsh, sunny effect.  I'm in love with the fairy-like light effect that plays on the wall, so I would say I've succeeded. Take a look and tell me what you think! 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sketchy Business

This is a sketch done by Susan. I was impressed by the precision of this sketch. The lines all seem accurate and the shading is also very well-done. I love the way it seems to shoot out from the page. I think I will attempt some interesting layouts in my drawing as well.  
Unfortunately, this also isn't a drawing of mine. This is Shirley's beautiful observation of some leaves. She utilizes shading for a wonderful effect. I may start incorporating more dark shades into my sketches. Thank you Shirley for your inspiration!
This is one of mine. Drawing water proved to be difficult.
It turns out drawing perfume was just as challenging. Here's my attempt. 
This is a very close self portrait... I'm working on it...
Still working on it...

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Band Saw is my Friend

The next project we are working on is a luminare. Wood is involved and so we did this nice little 2x4 project. The first thing I learned about wood is that a "2x4" is a lie. Honestly, when starting this project, all I knew was that I had in my possession a block of wood that was two inches by four inches in width and height. False. Back in the day, 2x4's got down sized to 1 1/2 x3 1/2. Everything I knew was wrong. Thought I should let everyone know.
My first obstacle was convincing myself to enter the wood shop. Dust polluted air and sharp blades did not sound like a place I wanted to occupy. I did, however, manage to man up and use some power tools. I experimented with the band saw, table saw, and several other intimidating machines. 
I still have all body parts I started out with, which in my mind translates to success.
The final project is pictured in the images below. This project has made me more confident about using power tools and hasmade me a pro at removing splinters. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

James Turrell

LIGHT something that makes things visible or affords illumination
James Turrell is an artist who uses light as his main medium.

As a child in a Quaker family, James Turrell was about to be introduced to the Meeting. He asked his grandmother to explain what it was all about, he said "her explanation to me was you went inside to greet the light. And this idea, to go inside to find that light within, literally, as well as figuratively, was something that really propelled me at the time. I really thought that that's what I should do."

He aims to change viewers' perception with his work and envelope them in the art  
He creates passages that allow the audience to see only the stars, enabling them to watch the earth's rotation. Other passages erase the horizon, capturing the sky.  
He creates light tunnels to have viewers enter and be enclosed in light

Roden Crater: started in 1972, still not complete. how much did it cost?
 "two marriages and a relationship..."

the Meeting House in Houston
originally the idea of Hiram Butler
"the meeting of the space that you're in with the meeting of the space of the sky." 

"I want to feel light physically. We drink it as vitamin D; it's actually a food. We are heliotropic, and it has a big effect on the skin, produces vitamin D. We also have a big psychological relation to light. All or most experiences, near death experiences, are described with a vocabulary of light. So, for me, this quality to feel light exists, almost like we see it in a dream."
-James Turrell