Wednesday, October 26, 2011

fun floor features!

flowers with a function...kind of :)

Some Light Discussion

When I think about natural light in a space, my mind immediately finds itself in the hall of mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. The large openings in the exterior wall bring in a lot of natural light that is reflected by the wall of mirrors. This creates a wonderful feeling of outoors coming in with you, a perfect transition into the indoors.

Some designs are shaped with light to create interesting features throughout a space. I think this restaurant does a good job of this.

Most dining areas have drop down lighting directly above the table, not only to provide lighting for the food, but to create a more intimate setting and draw attention to the table.

As we saw in our DC trip, museum lighting is something to consider. Lighting can assist circulation through exhibits and draw attention to certain pieces. In art museums the lighting must properly display the work with out damaging it. The image above is a good example of gallery lighting. The American History museum did a great job of using overhead wall lighting to guide the visitor through the space.


Hailey has done a beautiful job putting together the process of the project so far...


WAM changes

Through several meetings with Nancy and Kate we've altered our design some:

  • they changed their minds about the Weatherspoon green (we weren't too torn up)
  • due to concern about flexibility in the space, Nancy asked us to redesign the doors of the cabinet. We came up with two options:
    • keeping the asymmetry but adding a hinge to the larger door to make it flush with the wall
    • reverting back to symmetrical doors
 In the end we decided that the hinge would detract from fluidity of the design, and that the symmetrical doors were a better option.

(pictures coming soon) 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Instruction Diagram Precedents

This instruction diagram on how to draw a rose leads the view through the process with a series of images. The creator number the steps in order, though the intended flow of the page is easy to understand. I think that this is a somewhat clear breakdown of the process and is simple to follow 

This is a sheet of instructions for constructing oa paper crane. It consists of some text, but mostly images,. The creator of the layout chose not to show human interaction with the paper, showing only each change made to the paper. The number system for the steps fades away to a thick line your eye is to follow through the order.

Nifty Idea

Blown Glass Chandeliers

Pitter Pattern

Patterns are all around us, adding detail to clothing, walls, furniture, and more. A pattern can make something utterly unappealing:

or make it beautiful by adding an interesting feature:

here are some patterns I was attracted to and assembled:
images from google

WAM as it stands

This is what we've got so far:

We received the design approved by Nancy and Kate in this morning's meeting, so construction starts now!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Expressing Group Thoughts through Pictures

I chose this image to represent our group because of the stress I feel about time. I feel anxious about actually starting the construction of the piece and how much time we've left for that. I think we are all somewhat in our own separate spheres of thought and I think we need to make sure everyone is on the same page about what is going on.
Corry selected this picture to represent our transformation from a shell of an idea into a real, detailed object. (The egg came first)
Jon picked out this image to demonstrate the different members of our group working together in order to make this cabinet happen. Each part is necessary to make this function and we all need each other to get anything created.
Chelsea's selection is a representation of each group member as a building coming together to make a city. Alone we can only do so much, but together something much greater is formed.
Hailey chose this photograph because she feels like we've accomplished a lot and made a beautiful design, but we still have the weight on our shoulders of actually building the cabinet. I feel the same way.
This picture stood out to Heather because she feels that we are somewhat lost in what we are doing and don't know where we are headed with the next phase of our project. This deserted desert is a good representation of where she feels the group stands.
Matt said that he thinks we all have a good variety of ideas that are merging together to make one final product. We must be thinking similarly because this was the picture I almost chose as well :)